How much money will Mayweather-McGregor make?

Mayweather Vs McGregor Fight Worth in $$$$$$$$

McGregor Vs Mayweather fight is more about the money than for the fight itself. also for the real fans and supporters of both these superstars obviously and for the hype. Both these men are known for the lavish lifestyle they possess and the money they spend even though Conor’s a step behind in the money game when compared to the man himself, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. This fight is going to be probably the most valuable fight alongside being the most anticipated fight of this era. Let’s get down to the numbers!

McGregor vs Mayweather Fight Worth

McGregor, who collected a $235 welfare check the week before his first UFC fight in 2013, has openly professed his love for money and has had no problem saying how much he makes — $40 million in 2016, according to the man himself.

Ticket sales

Projected ticket sales for Mayweather-McGregor: $77.1 million

Pay-per-view sales

Projected PPV sales for Mayweather-McGregor: $475 million

Sponsorship sales

Projected sponsorship sales for Mayweather-McGregor: $22 million

Nevada betting

Projected Nevada betting on Mayweather-McGregor: $30 million

The bottom line

Adding up all the major money categories, Mayweather-McGregor will give the historical super fight, Mayweather-Pacquiao, a run for its money, but it will fall short.

When all is tallied up, from all the categories, Mayweather’s fight against Pacquiao will be worth $17.4 million more overall.

Total for Mayweather-Pacquiao: $623.5 million 
Projected total for Mayweather-McGregor: $606.1 million

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